Dr. Bell's Introduction to Histology and the Basic Tissues

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Histology:  the study of tissues

Four Principle Types of tissues in the body:
1) Epithelial: Protects the body, all its free surfaces & cavities
    Simple squamous epithelium          Stratified squamous epithelium
    Simple cuboidal epithelium             Pseudostratified squamous epithelium
    Simple columnar epithelium           Transitional epithelium

2) Connectivesupports & protects the organs of the body & holds parts together
    Areolar CT                        Elastic cartilage           Compact bone
    Adipose CT                       Hyaline cartilage          Blood
    Reticular CT                      Fibrocartilage
    Elastic CT
    Dense white fibrous CT

3) Musclespecialized for moving the body & its parts
    Skeletal muscle
    Smooth muscle
    Cardiac muscle

4) Nervousreceives & transmits messages so the various parts of the body can communicate with each other

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